How It Works


The CashBox Global solution offers safe, predictable, high-yielding returns for your cash, short-term and longer-term investment strategies. Benefit also from the ability to further leverage off your larger cash deposits.

Pre-packaged For You & Underwritten By The World’s Largest Banks

Whilst CashBox Global products are typically structured over a longer period, they are designed with the potential to mature from 12 months onwards, with a quarterly call basis, against set contractual terms.


Targeting 7-8% per annum in USD for 24 month term, paid out at 1,75-2% per quarter.


Targeting 5-6% per annum in USD for 12 month term, paid out at 1,25-1,5% per quarter.


Targeting 2-3% in USD for 6 month term, paid out at 0,5-1,5% per quarter.


Please contact us to design your returns, risk and term requirements.

Our Solution vs. Current Situation


The Underlying Product

CashBox Global products are Structured Notes which are debt instruments issued by investment grade banks with returns contractually agreed on the performance of underlying investment links, in this case, stock market indices or more bespoke stocks.







How Are Our High-Yielding Returns Possible?

Banks need cash reserves from which to operate. Leveraging off our defined and contractually agreed cash deposits and terms helps them build their businesses.

CashBox Global designs and structures pre-packaged investment contracts with these banks - the world’s largest.

These investment grade banks then underwrite and issue our Structured Notes defining the terms, yields and conditions.

These contracts are issued directly from the banks to your approved investment platform or, if you wish, you can use one of our approved partner platforms.

The high levels of capital protection, underlying terms, and quarterly returns are all clearly defined in the structured contracts between your platform and the bank.


How Do We Protect Your Capital?

Our structured income contracts are designed for the highest levels of capital protection whilst delivering the most predictable income streams.

Paired with derivatives and utilising Puts and Calls, this hybrid security sacrifices some of the upside of the underlying index funds in exchange for deep levels of protection on the downside. These products are contractually designed to produce returns in a wide range of market trading conditions including sideways markets. Quarterly coupons will be paid out should the market (tracking indexes) rise, move sideways or drop (capped at the protection barrier).

In the unlikely event that the underlying index falls more than the protection barrier of the initial strike rate at the end of the contract period, the capital will be reduced in a 1-to-1 ratio. By way of example, if the protection barrier is 50% and the tracking index falls by 52% of the original strike value, a loss of 2% (52% drop - 50% protection barrier) of the capital will be triggered. In the worst crash (the great depression of 1929) the market fell by 42%. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

What Are The Risks?

The stability of the underwriting bank to honour the contract is most important. Therefore, CashBox Global only deals with the largest investment grade banks. The underlying Index(es) could fall below the protection barrier of the strike price and may then impact your capital.


The Investment Process


The Proof

Over the past decade iDad and affiliates have structured 1038 contracts. 94,6% of these delivered returns and capital as expected. The 5,4% that didn’t deliver, mainly due to clients wanting to track exotic stocks not indexes, still resulted in 46% of the original capital being returned to those investors driving for exceptional yield.

As a result more and more advisors and investors are looking for more managed risk and returns; and so are now allocating upwards of 20% of their portfolio to structured predictable investments rather than the unpredictability of direct stock holdings.

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